Content management on a website can be quite a chore if the system you're using has not been implemented with the user in mind. Here are a few highlights that sets our engine apart from the rest:

  • Edit your content inside your website layout
  • Live previewing before unleashing your changes on the world
  • It's like using Microsoft Word
  • Shortcodes to make complex layouts and functionality much simpler
  • Preloaded with an array of 'out-of-the-box' features such as
    Blogging / News
    Image Galleries
    User Accounts
    Contact Forms

Do it anywhere


As long as you have your username and password and an internet enabled device, you can manage your content wherever you are in the world. The whole appstage.engine { } is responsive so you can manage your site however you like!

Delegate the work


Don't have time to make your own changes? Set up another user in your company to make the changes for you. Assign them the relevant permissions and they're off. You can even check their work before the changes go live!

Case study


Hello Duffymoon


We were approached by Hello Duffymoon, a food and lifestyle blogger, to help her out with a website that was easier to use than her existing WordPress platform.

The challenge that Hello Duffymoon was facing with her existing site was that blogging and styling her posts was just too difficult and inflexible. On top of that, there was a lot of work being done on the graphic elements before the blog post could be completed due to the limitations of the WordPress platform.

appstage.engine { } has empowered Hello Duffymoon to rapidly expedite her content with minimal fuss and minimal technical skill.

What they said

I was always so intimidated by my old WordPress site. It was big and complex and had so many plugins I didnt know where to even start! Now that I moved over to the appstage.engine { } platform, everything has become so much easier. I am up and blogging in no time at all!

Project Details

Category: Blog
Date: 15 April 2016
Features: HTML5
  Campaign Monitor
  Social Media Markup for Sharing

Still umming and ahhing?


Why not give us a call and we can give you a demo? We know you will be impressed. With the appstage.engine { }, we will make managing your online presence a cinch, no more headaches, not more fussing and no more pretending you know Photoshop.