Customised business solutions

Do you find your business struggling under the weight of its own archaic processes? Paper based processes can really slow down the overall efficiency of a business process. If you find yourself having this kind of issue, we can help!

We have extensive software development experience ranging from solutions that guide a financial advice process all the way through to product manufacturing, we can do it all!

Research & Planning

We will sit with all the key players in your business, analyse the requirement spec out the best possible solution for you.

Concept & Design

Once we have spec'd out the process, we will design an interface that best suits the requirements with particular focus on usability.

Development & Testing

Using the latest and greatest Microsoft has to offer, we will implement the solution that has been agreed upon working closely with you, the client.

Go live!

As simple as pushing a big green button that says "go live" we will make your application live on the internet for you to use and begin your new efficient business process.

Case study


Enhance Investor


We were approached by Peter Strydom to develop a Risk Tolerance questionnaire tool with integrated directly with an Australian company called Finmetrica.

Upon completion of the initial job, it was realised the power of the foundation that had been put in place and a whole CRM was spec'd out and built.

As is stands now, the Enhance Investor system has a CRM, Risk Profiling tool, Todo lists, Google Drive document integration, dynamic client data lookup and much more.

What they said

AppStage has delivered on everything that we asked them to do, no matter how challenging and they have been proactive in giving us ideas to further enhance the user experience and the relevance of the solution. Download full testimonial

Project Details

Category: Financial Planning
Date: 15 October 2015
Features: HTML5
  Windows Application
  Various Integrations